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Dish Network Dish Pro Plus DPP44 Switch with Power Inserter (DPP-44)


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Dish Network Dish Pro Plus DPP44 Switch (DPP-44)

4 Orbital Locations, 4 Tuner Outputs

The DISH Pro Plus 44 Switch features DISH Pro Plus Technology, LNBF inputs supporting four orbital locations, four receiver outputs, expansion ports to connect additional switches, and a power inserter.

DISH Pro Plus-compatible dual-tuner receivers (942, 625, 921,721,522 and 322) can be connected with a single-cable, when used with a DISH Pro Plus Separator.

Provides four LNBF inputs for reception from up to four locations.

Three "trunk" connections, to "trunk" to another DP44 Switch.

Please Note:

Can only be used with DishPro or DPPlus LNBFs (Twin LNBF for two orbital locations (110° and 119°),

Legacy Receivers

A "legacy" receiver (non-DishPro receivers, released before Dish301) can be connected to a DishPro DPP44 Switch, without using a DishPro Adapter. The DPP44 switch has built-in DISH Pro Adaptor which will allow this switch to be used with any DISH Network receiver including older legacy equipment.


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