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How many receivers can I activate on a single account?
You can have up to 6 receivers per account.

Snowbirds & RVers
Snowbirds, cottage goers and RVers can experience their holidays away with great Shaw Direct programming. Including access to over 500 television channels. The true portability of our satellite TV product allows people to remain connected to their communities and programming, regardless of where they actually are.
  1. The light weight, portable and simple to install design of our Advanced HDPVR and Advanced HD Receiver makes taking your service with easy. If you haven't picked one up today, order one now.
  2. The elliptical design of Shaw Direct's satellite dish lends itself to travel, harnessing the power of two satellites to provide you with a reliable signal no matter where you are in Canada, USA or Mexico.
  3. Shaw Direct provides extensive portability options, ranging from fully automated RV solutions to affordable standalone tripods.