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Inmarsat BGAN Coverage Map

Inmarsat's award-winning Broadband Global Area Network – BGAN – provides both simultaneous voice and data, globally.
It also offers a portfolio of guaranteed, on-demand IP streaming rates, and is the service of choice for many people working in areas that have little or no terrestrial connectivity, from live broadcast media to scientists exploring for mineral deposits.
BGAN offers a range of data connections to suit your particular applications. With its Standard IP data service, it provides the user with a data connection speed up to half a megabit, suitable for standard office-type applications such as email, internet and intranet access and VPN access to corporate networks.

The portfolio of IP streaming rates allow the user to stream data at kbps rates of 32, 64, 128, 176, 256 and BGAN X-Stream™, as well as supporting ISDN at 64kbps. They are guaranteed and on-demand meaning that you can select a streaming rate anytime, and anywhere for any streaming application ranging from videoconferencing, through to the top end of the scale for live broadcasting via satellite.

BGAN also allows you to make a phone call at the same time as having an open Standard IP session. You can access the voice service via the standard RJ-11 port, or Bluetooth, depending on what BGAN terminal you choose.
Global Coverage
BGAN is delivered via three satellites that make up the Inmarsat-4 (I-4) network. All three I-4 satellites cover all surfaces of the earth, except for extreme polar regions. It is one network meaning you can establish a broadband or voice connection wherever your job takes you.
Ease of Use
BGAN has been designed for simplicity. The highly intuitive user interface is standard across all BGAN terminals and it takes less than five minutes to establish a voice or data connection. So simple in fact, no technical expertise is required to set up.
BGAN Terminals
Inmarsat voice and data services are accessed by a range of portable, fixed or vehicular BGAN terminals, which provide features and performance options to suit different operational needs.

The portable terminals can easily fit inside a backpack alongside a laptop and takes less than five minutes to get a voice and data connection, with no technical expertise needed.

Or you can mount vehicular BGAN onto trucks or vehicles and communicate on-the-move from one location to the next.
Network Reliability & Longevity
The availability of our satellites and ground network exceed 99.9% so connectivity can be depended upon to access your business-critical applications.

The geostationary location of our satellites, mean that service is not affected by connectivity outages, often experienced by terrestrial or cellular technology in extreme weather or when comms go down following a natural or man-made disaster.

Our Inmarsat-4 network have an operational life well into the 2020’s, a claim no competitor of ours can make.
Typical Applications
  • Email
  • Internet access
  • Intranet access
  • Secure VPN
  • Telephony
  • VoIP
  • SMS
  • Videoconferencing
  • Live video streaming
  • File transfer
  • Time critical data transfer
  • Remote surveillance

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