Bell TV 9500 HD PVR + 6400 HD Receiver Bundle

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Experience the high definition difference, with picture quality that's up to 10 times better than regular cable.

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9400 PVR + 6400 HD BUNDLE
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Bell TV 9500 HD PVR + 6400 HD Receiver Bundle + Free Shipping
Bell TV 9500 HD PVR + 6400 HD Receiver Bundle

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    Bell TV 9400 HD PVR + 6400 HD Receiver Bundle
    Breathtaking images, heart-pounding sound, widescreen picture. With high definition you don't just watch TV, you live it. Plus with Canada's best HD PVR, you can record shows from anywhere, see what's on 9 days in advance, only with Bell*, and access stunning 1080p HD movies On Demand.

    Super-sharp image
    HDTV gives you 10x better resolution than regular cable so you see a crisper image and sharper details.

    Dolby Surround Sound
    Bring the movie theatre experience home. With Dolby? Digital 5.1 surround sound, you?ll hear every delicate whisper, spine-tingling creak and heart-pounding blast.

    Widescreen picture
    See the whole picture as it was originally filmed. Many movies and TV shows have to be reformatted and cut to fit a regular TV screen ? not anymore.

    Satellite receiver front panel

    Satellite receiver front pane

    1. SmartCard door: Your receiver?s SmartCard is located behind this door.
    2. Power light: When lit, indicates that your receiver is on.
    3. POWER button: Turns receiver on or off.
    4. SYS INFO button: Displays the system information screen.
    5. Arrow buttons: Lets you change channels and navigate on-screen menus and guides.
    6. SELECT button: Selects menu items.

    Satellite receiver back panel

    Satellite receiver back panel

    1. Satellite in: Connects to your satellite dish.
    2. Audio/video output: Provides standard definition audio and video to your TV.
    3. HD audio/video output: Provides digital audio and high definition video to your HD TV.
    4. USB port: Lets you connect an external hard drive to your receiver.
    5. Ethernet port: Connects to your home network to order movies or events.
    6. Phone jack: Connects to your phone line to order movies or events, and to get caller ID on your TV screen.
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    PART #9400 PVR + 6400 HD BUNDLE
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    Product Questions

    Yes you can.  The Bell TV 6400 Receiver has composite inputs, so it can be used with older TVs.  Also, you may be able to use an HDMI converter.

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    The Bell 9400 PVR only works with 1 TV.  The 9242 has been discontiuned for a number of years.  

    ... Read more
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