Iridium 9555 Satellite Phone Rental - Canada & Alaska - 6 Month w/ 255 FREE Airtime Minutes + Free Shipping!!! ($135/ month)

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Iridium 9555 Satellite Phone Rental - Canada & Alaska - 6 Month w/ 255 FREE Airtime Minutes + Free Shipping!!!
The Iridium 9555 is the ultimate in dependable mobile communications. It is a ruggedly built tool, not a toy. It won?t play games, take pictures, or play MP3s. What it will do is work. Everywhere. Without exception. It is engineered to withstand the world?s toughest environments, so the world?s toughest customers can depend on it as a critical lifeline whenever and wherever need takes them.

The innovative, all-new design of the Iridium 9555 satellite phone offers a significantly reduced size, a more hand-friendly form factor, an intuitive user interface, and new features such as an internally stowed antenna. It is compact, light and easy to use, featuring a brighter screen, a speaker phone, improved Short Messaging Service (SMS) and email capabilities, and an upgraded mini-USB data port. The new phone is engineered to withstand and perform well in the world's most rugged, remote and industrial environments, including being water- and shock-resistant. Combined with the only communications network providing truly global coverage, the 9555 delivers the reliable, secure, real-time, mission-critical communications service that Iridium users have come to expect.

Iridium Coverage Map
Iridium is the only provider of truly global satellite voice and data solutions with complete coverage of the earth (including oceans, airways and Polar Regions). Iridium phones deliver essential communications services to and from remote areas where no other form of communication is available.

Canada / Alaska Call Costs
Call Type Units Call Cost
Voice / Data to Cell / Landline Inside N. Lights 24 $ 1.25 / Minute
Voice / Data to Cell / Landline Outside N. Lights 48 $ 2.50 / Minute
Iridium to Iridium Voice 18 $ 0.94 / Minute
Iridium to Iridium Data 36 $ 1.88 / Minute
Iridium to Internet 36 $ 1.88 / Minute
Iridium to Inmarsat & Thuraya 324 $16.88 / Minute
2 Stage Dialling 36 $ 1.88 / Minute
+1 Access N/A N/A
Voicemail Retrieval 18 $ 0.94 / Minute
Text Message 12 $ 0.63 / Message
a) Incoming voice calls, data calls and SMS messages are available anywhere.
b) Outgoing voice calls, data calls and SMS messages can only be originated from Canada or Alaska and 12 nautical miles into coastal waters.
c) All rates are per minute, except SMS/text messages which are per message.

*IMPORTANT - Calls to a satellite phone are billed to the caller at standard satellite long distance rates ($7 or more per minute from Bell or Rogers cellular or landline). To avoid this charge the caller can use the Iridium 2 Stage dialing system at $1.88 per minute. The minutes will be applied to your rental bill. Caller is only responsible for long distance charges to Tempe, Arizona, USA.
Two stage dialing number:
1. Dial the two stage number: 1-480-768-2500
2. Wait for a voice prompt to enter the 12 digit satellite phone number.
**Text messages are free to receive, the sender will be billed at standard international text rates. Iridium offers a free SMS service, click here to send a free message. Outgoing text messages billed at $0.99/ message.
***Calls to check voicemail are charged at the standard airtime rate.
The Fine Print
All our Iridium 9555 satellite phone rentals require a $600 deposit, payable by credit card at time of rental / shipment. All rental charges, airtime charges and shipping costs will be deducted from this deposit and balance will refunded to your credit card, typically within 24-48 hours of return. Phone rentals are billed from the required date, chosen by you, until the day you ship it back. The renter is solely responsable for the rented satellite phone during the rental period. Ensure the phone is adequately insured when returning your rental. Replacement value for the Iridium 9555 Rental Kit is C$1500 plus all rental, airtime and shipping charges. All satellite phone rentals subject to our rental agreement.

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