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Inmarsat BGAN and Inmarsat IsatHub are just some of the services provided by the world leader in satellite communications. Inmarsat has been around for over forty years and they were the first satellite operator to employ the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS). Today, Inmarsat offers extensive services for satellite broadband and voice communications for several industries including maritime, enterprise, aviation, and government operations.

With an infrastructure of 13 geostationary satellites positioned at 35,786km above the Earth’s equator, Inmarsat delivers high-speed broadband and voice services to connect people globally from any location.

Inmarsat IsatHub

The Inmarsat IsatHub service allows using a smart device to connect to satellite Internet for voice and data connectivity, which is independent from terrestrial networks. This service offers global coverage through the Inmarsat iSavi Wi-Fi Satellite Hotspot devices.

You can use your iPhone or Android device to connect to the iSavi unit through a control app that provides set-up assistance and full access to the IsatHub service. It also enables management over the data usage from all connected devices that are sending and receiving voice and data communications.

Inmarsat BGAN

The Inmarsat BGAN service offers access to the broadband global area network through a range of BGAN devices such as the Cobham Explorer, Hughes, and Harris terminal models. Different units for BGAN access can be mounted to vehicles or used as outdoor devices for high quality voice and data connectivity.  


For those who don’t need permanent or regular access to a BGAN terminal can go with the option to rent instead, which is a cost-effective alternative for satellite communication. Various models are available for periodic use where you can still reap the benefits of satellite communication for infrequent or seasonal projects.

Inmarsat BGAN Link

Inmarsat satellite Internet is also available through their BGAN Link offering. This broadband data service is tailored for users with high monthly volumes of IP data for longer than usual periods of operation.

This solution is ideal for enterprise companies that need connectivity from remote areas with reliable access to email, Internet and VPN services. The Hughes 9201 BGAN terminal is available with several data plans for continuous and dependable connectivity.

Inmarsat BGAN HDR

Additional satellite Internet solutions are provided through Inmarsat’s BGAN HDR. The High Data Rate (HDR) service supports live TV broadcasting across the media industry. Canada Satellite offers the Cobham Explorer 710 and Hughes 9211 terminals for unparalleled access to superior satellite communication for instant streaming.

Inmarsat Global Xpress

Inmarsat’s offering in the Global Xpress service provides high-speed broadband with increased bandwidth using Ka-band for content-rich applications. The Fly Away and Drive Away antennas gives enterprise organizations and governments first-class access to the best of high-speed, mobile satellite broadband. Whether you need a VSAT antenna mounted to a vehicle or in a fixed position, the Global Xpress range of products can provide unwavering connectivity for all your business Internet requirements.

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