BGAN Rentals

BGAN terminals are lightweight, highly portable and quick and easy to set up with no technical expertise or training needed. The power consumption is low and the battery can be recharged with the included AC/DC adapter or optional car charger or solar power. Simply point the BGAN device towards one of Inmarsat's global constellation of I-4 to access the internet. Pointing assistance is delivered via the intuitive beeping on the terminal along with a Explorer Connect app downloaded onto your smart device, which offers other administrative features to manage service connectivity. The Inmarsat-4 3G satellite network provides global coverage meaning you can take the BGAN anywhere to seamlessly use your smart device. Once connected, the BGAN will become a Wi-Fi access point for any authorized smart devices within 30 meters (100 feet).

BGAN is a Broadband Global Area Network providing satellite communication through an Inmarsat BGAN terminal. These portable satellite devices are no bigger than a laptop and allow computers to connect for Internet access using an ethernet cable, or a wireless connection, depending on the terminal model.

The Inmarsat BGAN cost starts from at least $2500 for hardware, which can be a hefty price if you only need a temporary satellite solution. That’s why Canada Satellite offers cost-effective options for a BGAN satellite Internet rental for infrequent or seasonal use.

BGAN Terminals For Rent

Inmarsat BGAN terminals all provide high-speed satellite Internet and phone. By connecting a portable PC and smart device, you can access full Internet applications like web browsing, email, and video conferencing.

The Inmarsat network offers global coverage excluding the polar regions. Powered by 13 geostationary satellites in orbit, Inmarsat delivers superior satellite communication with L-band broadband and high-speed Ka-band services.

Inmarsat Cobham Explorer

Compatible with the Inmarsat network, the Cobham Explorer 510 is available as a BGAN terminal rental with Wi-Fi, phone, text messaging, Internet, email, FTP, VoIP and video streaming capabilities.

This unit offers high performance and portability weighing only 1.4kg. With a magnesium casing, its durable and purpose-built for tough environments. The Cobham provides simultaneous quality voice and broadband access up to 464 kbps. The BGAN satellite rental comes with a built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery, a waterproof Pelican case and power supply.

Inmarsat Hughes

Hughes is a leading manufacturer of satellite devices for home, office, and traveling needs. The Hughes 9202M BGAN terminal is compact and sleek with a durable IP55 rating. The unit connects through the Inmarsat network and offers voice, text, email, FTP, VoIP, video streaming, ISDN (64 Kbps), and Fax over IP capabilities.

The Hughes device sends and receives IP traffic using an Ethernet cable and a Wi-Fi connection with upload speeds of up to 448 kbps and download speeds of 464 kbps. This BGAN rental comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery, 5m Ethernet cable, and international adapters.

BGAN Rental Plans

BGAN terminal rentals can be rented for a few weeks up to 180 days. The BGAN rentals also come with free minutes allowing you to setup and test your device. When selecting your rental unit, you can choose a data and voice bundle that’s most suited to your needs. If you have high communication requirements, monthly packages are ideal for preloaded voice and data.

Add Bundles

Monthly bundles for the Cobham Explorer and Hughes satellite terminal start from 20 MB with packages up to 10 GB or unlimited usage. If you’d rather buy as you need, the Pay As You Go is offered at $7.99 per MB.

Add Accessories

Various accessories can be purchased or rented with your BGAN terminal. Having backup power gives you peace of mind when visiting isolated areas. You can get extra batteries or chargers for guaranteed dependability.

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