Thuraya Satellite Phones

The Thuraya L-band satellite network provides voice and data services through different Thuraya satellite phone models and Internet devices. The Thuraya satellite network covers Asia, Australia, Europe, and part of Africa. The cost of Thuraya satellite phones range from $760 to just over $1900 and most phones provide voice, text, GPS, and SOS capabilities, except for the Thuraya XT Lite. This entry-level sat phone is lightweight, with basic functions for voice and text. Thuraya’s XT, XT PRO, XT PRO Dual, and X5 Touch models offer GmPRS data services with the phones having varying ingress protection and battery life. The Thuraya X5-Touch is the first Android-based sat phone and is feature rich for demanding, multifaceted use. If you do not want to buy a Thuraya satellite phone, you can choose to rent the Thuraya XT Lite for occasional or seasonal purposes.

Satellite Phone Plans

Thuraya satellite phones come with several phone plans to choose from for voice, text, and data. The Thuraya prepaid card lets you top up units whenever you need them without committing to long-term contracts. Thuraya postpaid plans provide flat calling rates with a monthly subscription.

Thuraya Satellite Internet

Thuraya offers a wide choice in satellite Internet devices for use on land whether in a fixed or mobile environment. These Internet terminals are used with a Thuraya card that can be loaded with a prepay or postpay data plan.  After activating the Thuraya sim card, your usage is based on your chosen uplink and downlink bandwidth. Different plans also allow you to share data between multiple terminals at reduced pricing, which varies from individual subscriptions.

Land Devices

The IP Commander is a robust satellite broadband terminal, which is purpose-built for vehicles. It has MIL-SPEC connectors and comes with a voice handset that supports IP broadband speeds up to 444kbps while on the go. The Thuraya WE is a hotspot device offering dual mode capability with satellite and LTE broadband data services allowing adaptability when traveling in and out of terrestrial coverage. The Thuraya IP+ Hughes portable terminal is a compact, lightweight device that delivers satellite broadband and configuration for asymmetric streaming so you can set upload and download speeds based on your usage needs.

Marine Devices

The Thuraya Orion IP is a maritime-specific broadband terminal that is small and lightweight for crews needing a simple IP connection. Thuraya’s Atlas IP terminal is for enhanced connectivity and greater operational efficiency onboard ships. Thuraya’s SeaStar option is suitable for small or large vessels offering voice, SMS, data, and tracking features, and it is based on Android operating systems. The Seagull 5000i includes all the standard IP and voice features with a G3 fax interface. It is an affordable terminal for small and medium-sized fishing vessels, yachts, and patrol boats.

Thuraya Accessories

Thuraya’s selection of accessories are compatible with various Thuraya phones and Internet devices. You can purchase docking stations, handsfree kits, solar and car chargers, spare batteries, cables, repeaters, and external antennas for specific devices.

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