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The wide selection of compatible satellite accessories ensures enhanced connectivity and an extensive satellite experience for any user. We provide a range of different add-ons and high-performance equipment for BGAN and satellite terminals.


Handsets and Extras


Peripherals like the Cobham wired handset lets you make VoIP calls (voice-over-Internet) when plugged into a BGAN terminal, which is a cost-effective satellite voice solution that utilizes the data loaded to the terminal.


Satellite Routers


The iDirect Evolution x3 satellite router and iDirect Evolution x5 satellite router are used indoors while connected to an outdoor satellite antenna. These routers allow several devices to connect wirelessly or via cable to access satellite Internet services such as VPN, real-time VoIP, and video conferencing applications.

Satellite routers are ideal for managing remote enterprise networks and maximizes efficiency of satellite capacity, and dynamic traffic prioritization to balance the demands between applications across multiple sites and user sub-networks. This allows for increased network performance and improved user experience.




The RedPort Optimizer product range offers improved satellite data and voice connection services. Offering a standard, premier, enterprise, and voice optimizer, the Wi-Fi router is connected to an external satellite antenna and manages usage and access through firewall and traffic filtering capabilities.

The RedPort Optimizer broadcasts the satellite data feed as a Wi-Fi hotspot to the devices in range and eliminates the use of unnecessary cabling. It is compatible with other satellite devices such as the Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro and IsatPhone 2, BGAN terminals, and selected Iridium and Thuraya sat phones and IP systems.

The RedPort Halo System Wi-Fi extender system is the perfect accessory for boosting your Wi-Fi signal through a RedPort Optimizer and allows multiple satellite devices and GSM modem to connect.


Antenna Controllers


To improve on and accelerate signal acquisition, the iNetVu antenna controllers can work with a number of selected modems and are easily configured to find satellites quickly and manage your VSAT satellite antenna remotely via a web interface. Its front panel display supports several languages and gives you optimal control over the motion and stowing of the external antenna.




Accessories for the Cobham Explorer 710 BGAN terminal include a soft bag for safe transport as well as a car charger, which is also compatible with the Cobham Explorer BGAN 510 terminal. AC chargers are available for the WidEye Isavi terminal and other Cobham Explorer models like the 300, 500, and 700 devices.

If you need a more generic portable charger for short or infrequent trips, the Anker PowerCore 26800 is on offer as a rental option, which has dual input ports and 3 USB ports compatible with the iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, and Android smart devices.




Owners of an Inmarsat iSavi Wi-Fi satellite hotspot, Hughes BGAN 9202 terminal, or Thrane and Thrane BGAN Explorer 300 or 500 portable satellite terminals should consider purchasing a spare rechargeable lithium ion battery as a backup for those long, extended journeys. Having reserve power is essential when traveling to isolated regions.


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