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What is Telus Satellite TV?
Telus is a Canadian telecommunications broadcaster that offers various products and services for internet, voice, video, and IPTV television. Telus Satellite TV now partners with Bell satellite TV services that connect to Canada’s fleet of satellites to distribute digital SD/HD channels to its subscribers in different parts of Canada.

Telus satellite TV packages include a wide choice of impressive channels, premium sports packages, and premium movie packages with the ability to record different channels too. To access Telus satellite TV in Canada you need to invest in a satellite dish and a receiver. Canada Satellite offers selected satellite dishes under the Bell TV brand with the required components to get hooked up to a new world of entertainment.

In addition to fixed home dishes, Telus also provides options for those who need to be on the road and travelling. Their portable and camping combo connectivity devices are designed for mobility.

Satellite Dish Components
A satellite dish is a special antenna designed with a bowl for better signal capture and a central feed horn that controls the requested and received TV programming. Feed horns are specific to satellite providers. Another component of the dish that can be included or excluded is the Low Noise Blocker (LNB) that’s aimed at the dish to gather and distribute received content to the TV’s satellite receiver.

Telus Satellite TV Systems
Canada Satellite offers Telus Satellite TV and Bell satellite hardware such as Bell satellite dishes, LNBs, switches, cables and mounting equipment to get you connected to the best viewing entertainment that’s out of this world.

When signing up Telus satellite TV packages, you can get a free installation for 4 receivers when committing to a 24-month term contract.

Satellite Dishes
The fixed Bell TV satellite dishes have built-in switches and up to four LNBs to connect to 4 Bell or Telus Satellite TV receivers.

The super oval dish has a quad LNB and switch bundle to support up to 6 DISH Network, Bell TV or Telus Satellite TV satellite receivers. The portable King Quest satellite antenna can be mounted to an RV or moved outside onto a tripod if in an isolated area.

Low Noise Blocker (LNB)
An LNB is positioned on the front of the dish facing inwards to catch weak satellite signals then amplify them. It also converts signals from high satellite frequencies to lower frequencies. The Twin LNBs let you connect to Bell or Telus TV satellites and includes a built-in switch that’s suitable for all current and legacy Bell TV receivers.

Switches and Accessories
The Telus TV switches feature DISH Pro Plus Technology that supports four orbital locations, receiver outputs, expansion ports, and a power inserter. The dual-tuner receivers can connect with one cable if used with the compatible separator. The switch works with Bell TV and DISH Network Receivers for HD PVR models, and compatible with specific models for standard display and high definition viewing.

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