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A sat phone rental allows travelers to stay connected in the most remote regions of the world.  All satellite phone rentals include voicemail, free incoming calls, free incoming text messages and a complete accessory kit.

Staying connected when travelling international is more important today than ever. Satellite phone rental makes it easy. There is a wide range of wireless products available that eliminate the worry over whether your domestic cell phone will work as you travel and, if it does, what it will cost. Whether you’re traveling for business, leisure or both, Canada Satellite delivers the reliability, security and peace of mind of having a phone at your fingertips—no matter where your travels take you.

How Satellite Phones Work
A satellite phone is a telephone that transmits and receives messages from orbiting satellites that provide coverage for the entire world or only specific regions.

The phones used for satellite communication are often larger in size than the ones that are used for terrestrial applications. These phones can be to the cell phones that were used during the latter part of the 1980s and '90s. These phones also have a large retractable antenna.

Iridium satellite phone use Low Earth Orbit satellites for communication. These satellites orbit the earth at high speeds at low altitude. These satellites fly complete orbits and guarantee complete coverage over every area by at least one satellite at all times.

When a call is made with the satellite phone, the call signal goes up from the satellite phone handset up to a satellite hundreds of miles in orbit. The signal then goes to one of the many satellites in the low earth orbit. The signal then goes down to one of the ground stations, from where the signal is finally delivered to the destination handset.

The 5 Reasons Why You Need a Satellite Phone
Now that you know what your satellite phone can do, can you really manage without it? Read on to find the true value of your satellite phone.

1. Emergency Calls
You can always get help if an emergency should arise during your trip. Your satellite phone gives you the peace of mind that you can always make that essential call if you should need to.

2. Calls Home
There is no need to sacrifice personal contact with your loved ones while you are away. Your satellite phone allows you to make an important call home letting friends and family know that you have arrived safely at your destination and keeping their minds at rest while you are away.

3. Stay Contactable
Receive your satellite phone number in advance of your trip to distribute among friends, family and colleagues. They can contact and easily on one phone number.

4. Coverage in Remote Areas
As long as you are in the correct coverage area for your satellite phone and you have a clear line of sight to the sky, you need not worry about making and receiving calls. No need to worry about poor network signal strength as with cellular phones. Have the confidence that your satellite phone has great coverage in a wide area–no matter how far from civilization you may be.

5. Confidence and Peace of Mind
Satellite phones are used all over the world to keep in touch. They are an essential part of the communication strategy for many travel enthusiasts, government departments, including the US Department of Defense. They are used by the Military; Search and Rescue organizations and NGOs on emergency missions; out at sea on cruise ships and vessels; by remote oil, gas and mining organizations; and in many other situations by individuals and alike. Have the confidence that your satellite phone is linking you to an established, trusted communications network.

Now you can communicate anywhere, at any latitude. You are no longer isolated from the outside world in your vessel. Canada Satellite provides you with clear communications whether you are or accessing the Internet from your cabin or deck. There are no dead zones, no latitude restrictions, no eavesdropping. Through Iridium, Globalstar and Inmarsat’s all digital satellite technology, you will experience a reliable connection. Stay connected!

What is a Satellite Phone?
A satellite phone is primarily used to make calls or send short messages from global locations that are devoid of cell phone connectivity. For example, having a satellite phone in Canada could be a lifesaving device if you’re heading deep into the Yukon or Ontario wilderness, or you plan to visit a country with poor infrastructure and no cellular coverage.

Satellite phones (sat phone, terminal, satellite cell phone) are mobile communication devices that connect to massive satellites positioned in the sky to transmit signals without depending on ground-based systems.

A sat phone has standard phone capabilities but are bigger and heavier than a cell phone. They don’t offer smart high-end UX and front-end interface features like your smartphone, but technology is advancing and so is the design of satellite phones.  

Satellite Phone Providers
Iridium, Inmarsat, and Thuraya are the key players in the satellite communications industry and their satellites use different technology configurations, namely Geosynchronous satellites (GEO) and Low Earth Orbit (LEO) systems covering different locations with signal connections that behave differently.

Rent or Buy?
You’re forgiven for assuming sat phones are unaffordable unless you own a helicopter, but while they may add more to the price tag than a normal smartphone, there are many cost-effective alternatives for a satellite phone rental or purchase. Canada Satellite has varied satellite phone rental prices that depend on the type of handset, duration between 7 – 365 days, and additional airtime requirements.

While satellite telephony is more expensive, additional airtime can be purchased in bundles to avoid incurring a sky-high phone bill unnecessarily.

Renting a Satellite Phone
If the odd occasion ever arises where you need a sat phone, you won’t need to buy one to use one. A satellite phone rental is economically practical for infrequent and rare use.

When selecting a satellite phone rental, consider the location you’ll be visiting and which areas the satellite providers cover. Canada Satellite has several rental offers suited to travel to any place on earth.

Consider Coverage
If you’re going East, the Thuraya XT Lite Satellite Phone is a light-weight handset with perfect coverage over Singapore, northern Australia and the east coast of Africa.

For guaranteed 100% coverage over Canada and Alaska, the Iridium 9555 Satellite Phone Rental offers free minutes and calls for selected packages.

This satellite phone is offered as a rental with easier portability, an improved user interface and communication capabilities. Durable, and water and shock-resistant, this device is a reliable choice for extreme circumstances. A 100% global coverage option is also available providing global satellite communications over vast oceans, remote areas and the Poles.

Know the Difference
Being armed with basic satellite phone knowledge helps clarify assumptions, expectations and limitations to avoid unwelcome surprises in a time of emergency, especially if you’re a first-time user. Sat phones work at their best with a clear straight view with the sky. Satellite phones also don’t rely on ground power so they are unaffected by power outages.

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