Compare Iridium GO! Exec Plans

PLAN GO! 25 GO! 50 GO! 125 GO! 250 GO! 1000
ACTIVATION FEE US$0.00 US$0.00 US$0.00 US$0.00 US$0.00
INCLUDED DATA 25 MB 50 MB 125 MB 250 MB 1000 MB
INCLUDED MINUTES 25 50 125 250 1000
OUT OF ALLOWANCE US$4.99 US$4.49 US$3.75 US$2.99 US$2995.00
SUBSCRIPTION COST US$129.95 US$199.99 US$325.00 US$499.95 US$2995.00


Monthly Plan Terms and Conditions
- Activation will require both the IMEI of the equipment and the ICCID of the SIM card.  SIMS cannot be moved between terminals.  
- The day of activation is the first day of the minimum contract period.
- The service can be activated with up to a maximum of 2 voice lines.  These are standard postpay only, there is no prepay scratch card option.
- Monthly subscription charges are pro-rated in the month of activation, are charged in advance and will be charged a full billing month on deactivation regardless of what date in the month the service is deactivated.  
- A full 1 month charge / allowance will only apply if activated on the 1st of the month.
- If activation is made in the middle of the month, both the subscription fee and allowance are prorated.
- A service can be upgraded at any time or inline with the next billing period.  A new minimum period will apply once upgraded.  For mid-month upgrades, the initial package will remain chargeable and the new subscription and allowance will be prorated. 
- There is no rollover of unused data or voice allowance.  

Annual Plan Terms and Conditions
- The day of activation is the first day of the minimum contract period, this first contract period will be 11 months plus a prorate of days in the month the service is activated, the annual subscription charge and allowance are prorated.  Thereafter renewals will be periods of 12-months, based on the 1st of the month and original month of activation.  
-  Pay one fee and have access to all the data which can be used any time during the contract period.  Any unused data at the end of the contract period is lost.  If the connection is not required it must be deactivated before the renewal date.  
-  If all the data is consumed is consumed before the end of the contract period the contract can be renewed early.  A new contract period / charge and data allowance would apply from the renewal date.  
- Currently annual plans can only be monitored on a monthly basis.

GO! Exec Plan Terms and Conditions
-  Iridium GO! exec plans are Land plans, however, they can also be used on Recreational Maritime (where vessel details are not required.   
-  These plans provide both data and voice allowances, and in the future app-to-app messaging (Iridium Messaging Transport, IMT) which will be free of charge for messages 5kb and below.  IMT is targeted for Q1, 2023.

GO! Exec Terminal
-  The Iridium GO! exec terminal can be activated with some standard commercial Land and Maritime Plans.  When connected on one of the standard Land or Maritime plans these do not benefit from the enhanced GO! exec plans which as above provide data / voice bundles (no SMS).  

GO! Exec Plan Minimum Billing Increments
Data:  Minimum duration - 5000 bytes; minimum billing increment - 100 Bytes  
Voice:  Minimum duration - 20 seconds; minimum billing increment - 20 seconds

Monthly and annual plans are billed from the 1st day of each month to the last day of the month. Any activation days before the 1st will be pro-rated.  All cancellations require 30 days written notice by email to [email protected].  Postpaid plans will automatically renew once your initial subscription period ends.  A valid credit card is required for monthly subscription and overages.  Prices are subject to change without notice.

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