Iridium Satellite Phone Chargers

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Keep Powered Up!
So, while it’s a comfort to know you have a fully functioning satellite phone when you’re out in the middle of nowhere, ensuring you have a working satellite phone charger is critical to maintain power to the device, which is why having a backup charger or two is highly advised.

Some phones come with an antenna adapter that charges the device but when the phone isn’t being used, it’s better to use the power charging adapter.

Satellite Phone Chargers
When planning your trip and necessity for a sat phone, consider important preparation tips to make sure your communications device does not let you down.

Check you have sufficient airtime and/or data to avoid running into a low or zero balance, which will render your phone useless.
Ensure the satellite phone’s software/firmware is up to date.
Keep the necessary accessories with your sat phone and have backups of items (like chargers and batteries) where possible.
Most importantly, charge the sat phone before leaving home to verify it holds the charge for a few hours without being attached to power.

Iridium Chargers
Canada Satellite offers a great selection from the Iridium satellite phone charger range that supports various handsets. These chargers let you power up from several outlets (from a vehicle or USB) and extra accessories like carry bags and adapters are also available.

The Iridium satellite phone charger is also offered as a portable power bank, or as a single or multi bay chargers like the SatStation Iridium Battery Charger. It offers a standalone charging unit for specific Iridium and Motorola handsets and batteries and a four-bay model is also available to charge multiple units. In addition, Canada Satellite has rental options for selected satellite phone chargers.

Solar Chargers
Iridium’s solar charger comes as a foldable unit to charge Iridium sat phone batteries for the 9500, 9505 and 9505A models, the Thuraya SG-2520 and SO-2510 phones, as well as the iSatphone and XM Satellite radios. This versatile charger works best with optimal sunlight, is weatherproof and UV resistant.

Iridium’s SolStar Energy charger is a highly rated solution as a portable solar charger for satellite communication devices.

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