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The 9575 is smaller, lighter and has been designed to military grade specifications for durability. This phone also provides a GPS component which can be integrated with an LBS portal for online tracking and monitoring. The most noticeable difference is the Programmable SOS Button. This red button is located on the top of the phone, under a protective cover. By removing the cover and pressing the red button you can send your location information to your designated contact in the event of an emergency.

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Once an Iridium phone has connected the screen will read REGISTERED and the onscreen click will update.

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As Iridium phones have their own virtual international country code, every call to or from a satellite phone is an international call.  To dial out on your Iridium satellite phone, press 00 (international call out), then the country code (North America is 1), then area code and finally the phone number.  For example, our retail location in calgary would be 00-1-403-918-6300.  For phones with newer firmware, when you press 1, the plus symbol will insert itself automatically into the dialling sequence.  In this scenario, dial +1-403-918-6300.

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