Satellite Tracking

Satellite tracking of assets uses a combination of GPS systems and satellite technology. GPS asset trackers use internal batteries as a power source, while other GPS tracking devices use power from the vehicle or structure to which they are connected. The Iridium Edge Solar is just one of the solutions offered by Iridium to keep track of assets all around the world.

Satellite Tracking Benefits

Reporting of mobile assets offers real-time tracking for businesses that helps give visibility and business insight through the monitoring of location information and the operating status of important assets.

Satellite Tracking Devices

Iridium’s technology enables businesses to track, monitor, and manage mobile assets such as enterprise fleets, mobile inventories, personnel deployments, and remote infrastructures.

Iridium Edge Pro

This sleek device is reliable, rugged, and a cost-effective option to track assets and manage fleets. It allows you to leverage existing ground-based IoT solutions for safety, telematics, and any other remote monitoring applications. The Iridium Edge can be quickly deployed for instant, global connectivity.

The Iridium Edge Pro has a Short Burst Data modem, antenna, and a power supply that can be easily paired with both cellular and satellite solutions. This dual mode capability avoids complicated integration while offering low-risk functionality.

The Iridium Edge Solar is a solar-powered model that offers real-time GPS tracking and local wireless sensor and communication capabilities over Bluetooth. It allows over-the-air configuration for convenient operation.

AssetPack-3 (AP3)

The AssetPack-3 (AP3) is a versatile global satellite tracker for two-way asset monitoring as well as a sensor monitoring solution that works with unpowered assets. Utilizing the Iridium satellite network technology, the AssetPack-3 is a fully enclosed unit that is designed to be dustproof and waterproof.

As a rugged solution, it enables the monitoring of fixed and mobile assets that are in transit or stationary anywhere in the world. It comes as a solar or hardline option with a battery that lasts for prolonged periods.

Iridium 9603N Transceiver

Iridium’s low power satellite transceiver is the perfect choice for tracking, monitoring, and alarm systems. It uses Iridium’s Short Burst Data (SBD) service for low latency and highly dependable satellite communications with global coverage.

SBD is a simple and effective solution with network transport capabilities to transmit short data messages between remote equipment and centralized computer systems.

SATCASE Smartphone Satellite Adapter

The new SATCase satellite adapter transforms any smartphone into an operational satellite phone. This alleviates having to purchase new satellite equipment when traveling to far-off regions. Additionally, all your contacts remain in one place so you can make calls, and send messages from the familiarity of your own phone. It offers complete global coverage for dependable communications.

Various models are designed to fit the most popular smartphones and charging is easy where both the SATCASE and smartphone handset are powered up simultaneously. Simply download the SATCASE app onto the smartphone and pair both devices using Bluetooth. Complete the setup procedure following the on-screen instructions and get ready to connect with your airtime bundle.

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