Inmarsat is the world leader in global, mobile satellite communications.
Always on, Inmarsat connects people and things around the globe, 24/7, with the widest portfolio of global voice, broadband and IoT services in the market today.


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The Inmarsat phone is one of many satellite devices used to access Inmarsat’s network. Inmarsat (International Marine/Maritime Satellite) is an all-encompassing satellite services provider using four geostationary satellites that each cover a third of the Earth's surface. With global coverage excluding the polar regions, Inmarsat provides high-speed voice and data services through sophisticated portable and handheld devices.

Satellite Voice
The advanced Inmarsat satellite network provides superior voice clarity and text messaging services for the Inmarsat satellite phone range. The rugged, dependable handsets offer minimal call drops, fast registration, a high battery life and an assortment of practical features. Everything you need to make and receive voice calls and messages is provided in the compact Inmarsat IsatPhone 2 and IsatPhone Pro mobile devices. Using satellite coverage across the globe, you are always connected even if you’re physically isolated.

Voice Service Plans
Prepaid and Postpaid packages are available for the IsatPhone handsets. For a monthly fee and minimum subscription period, you can depend on your recurring Postpaid minutes every month, so you’re never stranded without airtime. Although Prepaid rates are higher than Postpaid, it brings you the convenience of no commitments and the ability to top up whenever you need to.

Satellite Data
Access to broadband is becoming a necessity in today’s fast-moving, modern world. Devices like the Inmarsat BGAN and Inmarsat IsatHub offer exceptional connectivity for data services from anywhere in the world. Inmarsat’s Broadband services are extended to both mobile and fixed solutions.

The Inmarsat satellite network offers smart integration with the Internet of Things (IoT), M2M, VSAT and more to ensure productive business continuity. Inmarsat data plans can be purchased as Prepaid or Postpaid giving you flexibility over your voice and data usage.

Business and Travel
Inmarsat’s iSavi Wi-Fi satellite hotspot allows authorized wireless or wired smart devices to access Internet services when ground-based networks are unreachable. For more intensive requirements, like connecting large teams, or videoconferencing or live broadcasting, the Cobham Explorer BGAN is a compact yet powerful satellite terminal suitable for quality data services.

Maritime and Air
Inmarsat supports the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) and Inmarsat systems are used for satellite communication for vessels out at sea. Inmarsat devices like the Cobham SAILOR 60 GX marine-stabilized antenna system that was designed for tough sea conditions delivers high bandwidth to the crew and passengers.

Not only do Inmarsat’s enterprise connectivity devices enable ships to communicate via satellite, they also expand satellite communication functionality across the airways and land masses.

Satellite Accessories
Inmarsat manufactures compatible accessories for all the Inmarsat phones and fixed or portable devices.

Inmarsat manufactures compatible accessories for all the Inmarsat phones and fixed or portable devices. Canada Satellite offers you Inmarsat’s antennas, monitoring cameras, receivers, terminals, USB cables, batteries, chargers, cellular modems, and a whole lot more to enrich your satellite experience.

Rent or Buy
Several options are available to rent different Inmarsat units, phones and/or accessories for short to medium periods. However, if you’re going to use satellite communications regularly or on a long-term basis, purchasing Inmarsat’s quality equipment will be a worthwhile investment.

Category Questions

You can not call 911 directly on the Inmarsat phone. The unit does have an 'Emergency SOS' button that is pre-programmable. You can set it up to call someone, send an alert via text or email message and the prime usage is to register yourself with  GEOS, a global rescue service and they will get the message and immediately alert authorities. The 911 Service is provided by a private company who will then alert authorities in your area. This is the US and Canada only. 

This servie applies to Iridium handsets 9505, 9505A, 9575, 9575N, 9555 & 9555N as well.  

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