Inmarsat Coverage Map


Inmarsat Isatphone Coverage Map

This map is illustrative of IsatPhone coverage. It does not provide a guarantee of the extent of service ability. From November 2013, Alphasat coverage prioritizes the refion north of 44.5 degrees South, and may degrade south of this latitude. Isatphone coverage June 2015.

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The Inmarsat handset is not recomeneded for that northern of a latitude. This is due to a lack of global coverage and the low look angle of the satellites which are postitioned over the equator. This positioning results in a weaker signal the further you go from the Equator. 

 We recommened the Iridium Network for that location as the satellites are orbiting overhead and provide global coverage from pole to pole.

 The Iridium handset 9575 or 9555 are the standard handsets for the Iridium network. The 9575 is more durable handset, it includes GPS which allows you to send your location immediately in the event of an emergency. It is the trusted handset used by the first responders everywhere as well as US & Canadian Military a NATO & countries. 

The 9555 handset while not as durable and lacking GPS is a very popular handset as well. 

If our lives depended on it we would always choose Iridium. 

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Right around the border between the provinces and territiries.  For reliable reception anywhere in Canada, please see Iridium phones.

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