Inmarsat FleetPhone

Inmarsat’s FleetPhone is a fixed, low-cost global satellite phone service designed to provide vital voice connectivity for crews who sail beyond the reach of standard cellular networks.

In the maritime industry, vessels depend on Inmarsat’s end-to-end service and coverage for continued operational and safety services.

FleetPhone Service

Standard features available through FleetPhone include a voicemail facility, SMS, voice calling to terrestrial, cellular, or satellite phones, a 2.4kbps circuit-switched data service, and an RJ-11/POTS interface to connect up to five handsets or integrate with a PABX system for multi-user capability.

FleetPhone Terminals

FleetPhone is a versatile option that serves as a fixed phone for commercial and leisure crews and can be used as a primary communications service across all industry sectors. Inmarsat’s Beam Oceana terminals come in the Oceana 400 and Oceana 800 range that offer different functionalities and can be purchased with anti-piracy bundles.

The FleetPhone terminals can be topped up with airtime units on an activated SIM card and reloaded whenever the demand calls for it. This allows ease of convenience without committing to long-term contracts.

Beam Oceana 400

For reliable maritime satellite communications, the Beam Oceana 400 is a slimline terminal to access voice and data communications services. It is an affordable and high-quality unit designed for commercial watercraft and leisure boats where SMS messaging and voice calling is when out at sea.

Beam Oceana 400 Maritime Fixed Phone unit comes with a satellite terminal and a Beam Active Antenna that can be securely mounted to outdoor masts to provide connectivity for multiple phones.

Beam Oceana 800

The Oceana 800 is an advanced terminal offering comprehensive communications features across the Inmarsat satellite network. This terminal is designed with a IP54 rating enclosure to offer full protection against the elements. It is an ideal option for medium and larger fleets and includes high capabilities for uninterrupted services.

For safety, it has a 505 Emergency Calling facility to directly communicate with the Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre (MRCC) free of charge and it has an in-built GPS receiver for instant tracking functionality and allows for Bluetooth connectivity. The terminal can be permanently mounted to an external surface and offers quality connection for several phones.

Anti-Piracy Kits

In recent years, there has been an increase in pirate attacks across global waters. To ensure the safety of crew and passengers, the FleetPhone terminals can be purchased with anti-piracy kits.

The Inmarsat Beam OC400 and OC800 Basic Piracy Kit includes the slim satellite terminal, a covert antenna, the fixed phone unit and a cable kit for a fully integrated solution that’s protected from any damage or loss to the vessel’s communication and power lines.

Beam Oceana 800 Deluxe Anti-Piracy Kit is a highly sought after solution that is built to ensure communication can be maintained when the vessel is under threat. It includes the Beam OC800 combined with an Inmarsat GSPS or FleetPhone SIM, the Inmarsat Anti Piracy Covert antenna, a battery backup, an Alert button and antenna cables to enable emergency communications and SOS messages to be sent.

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