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What is Satellite TV?
Satellite TV in Canada offers a wide selection of channels and programs through providers like Shaw Direct Satellite TV, Bell Canada Satellite TV and Telus TV. Theoretically, satellite TV is similar to broadcast TV, which has been around since we first heard the word television. Both use wireless systems to distribute TV programming to a household television set using a radio signal.

How its different to Broadcast TV
The similarities between Satellite and Broadcast TV start to diverge with how they transmit their signals. Broadcast TV uses powerful antennae but are vulnerable to physical obstacles and interferences on the ground that can often distort the signal for the viewer.

Satellite TV escapes these disadvantages by receiving signals from satellite broadcasters via the satellites orbiting the Earth. Satellite TV provides access to thousands of channels and programs, as well as radio without needing cable or terrestrial TV.

Satellite TV in Canada
There are two satellite TV service providers in Canada, Bell TV and Shaw Direct, who broadcast via satellites that are owned by Telesat Canada who distribute TV programming to Canadian broadcasting companies. Satellite TV brings superior viewing quality, a variety of user features and an exclusive choice of radio and TV channels.

Bell TV
One of the best services for satellite TV in Canada, Bell offers fixed, portable, and RV satellite dishes and accessories.

Canada Satellite provides an extensive selection of LNBs, signal finders, switches, tripods, antenna, and cables designed for Bell TV dishes to get you ready for out-of-world viewing. Fixed satellite dishes come in varying sizes between 13 – 94 inches in diameter and can support one or two dish networks.

Shaw Direct
Another prominent provider for satellite TV in Canada, Shaw Direct has the 60E and 75E satellite dish models 31-37 inches. They also offer multi-switches, cables and mounting equipment to get you connected to first-class television viewing.

Shaw Direct has two receiver models, namely the basic HDSR800, which is HD-ready and the HDPVR830 that has additional functionality to record from a different channel to the one you’re watching. Generally, up to 6 receivers can be used with each Shaw Direct account.

Telus TV
Telus is a well-known provider for satellite TV in Alberta and British Columbia. While Telus does not own or operate its own satellites, Telus satellite TV piggy backs their service from Bell TV, and are able to bundle satellite TV with their other offerings including landline internet, cellular, home phone and home security services. The satellite dishes and equipment are designed to receive signals from Bell TV satellites, and they include built-in switches and are able to support up to four Bell satellite receivers. The range includes camping combos with a portable satellite dish, twin LNBs, cables and tripod to get your viewing setup done in no time.  Telus packages start at $24.95 per month and include 25 SD and 15 HD channels.

Choosing a Satellite TV Provider
Getting connected means getting the right equipment and correct installation. The initial setup may touch the pocket, but nothing beats satellite for best-rated television viewing as you can access a broad selection of channels and services that aren’t always available through cable or terrestrial providers.

Compare products within your price range to find the right satellite TV system for you and your family.

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