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Instructions on how to use an Iridium satellite phone

Easy dialing instructions for a satellite phone:
Call a satellite phone from a US / Canada landline: 011-8816-XXX-XXXXX
If the call does not go through, it may mean that the caller's long distance service provider may not have international service carrying the 881 Iridium country code (the international prefix for the Iridium Satellite system).

AT&T does not have the 881 Iridium country code loaded into their system. To access the satellite phone through AT&T landline or cell phone, the caller can dial:
1010288011 - 8816 - XXX - XXXXX
Call a satellite phone from outside the US: (Int'l Access Code) - 8816 - XXX - XXXXX
Call a satellite phone from a satellite phone: + or 00 8816 - XXX - XXXXX

Two stage Dialing:
- Dial the 2 stage number: 480-768-2500
- Wait for a voice prompt to enter in the 12 digit satellite phone number.
The minutes will be applied to the airtime bill of the satellite phone number. Caller is only responsible for a regular call to Tempe, Arizona, USA.

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