Isatphone 2

Inmarsat Isatphone 2 Satellite Phone

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Isatphone 2

The Inmarsat Isatphone 2 is built to provide enhanced features and reliable services such as voicemail, text and email messaging, and GPS tracking. It includes interfaces such as the Micro USB and Bluetooth capabilities for hands-free use.

Key Features

  • Extended battery life that include 8 hours of talk time and 160 hours on standby.
  • The handset operates between -20°C and +55°C and has a high humidity tolerance.
  • Designed to be splash, dust, and shock resistant with a IP65 rating.
  • User-friendly with a highly visible color interface and a large keypad for ease of use.
  • Offers the best value as a satellite handset, a wide selection of accessories and competitive airtime rates.

Global Coverage

The Inmarsat satellite phone works over Inmarsat’s network that consists of a constellation of geostationary satellites that provide L-band broadband, Ka-band, inflight Wi-Fi S-band services, and a global 3G mobile network across the globe excluding the Poles.

Isatphone 2 Accessories

While the Isatphone works flawlessly across all types of terrains and in most weather conditions, it is recommended to include components that offer backup power and enhance the use of the phone especially in situations where you’re working or driving.

Batteries and Chargers

Compatible accessories that will keep your Isatphone batteries powered up include the SatStation Single and Four-Bay units. These units let you charge single or up to four batteries at any given time.  A spare DC car charger that fits the Isatphone 2 is a necessary addition when spending a lot of time on the road. Spare and replacement batteries can also be purchased as backup power.

Docking Stations

Inmarsat Isatphone 2 docking stations are designed for use on a vessel, in a vehicle, or for a remote office setup. They offer different functions and features to extend the handset’s application offering a broad range of applications. Some of the features include speakerphone and microphone, Bluetooth, PBX solutions, GPS, and compatibility with satellite phone antennas.

Anti-piracy bundles are also available for maritime use and include the IsatDock2 Marine docking station and supporting installation components that keeps communications secure in case of a pirate attack onboard. It has GPS and a covert antenna and a built-in alarm that is sounded when communications are damaged. An alert button can also be activated anytime the crew is confronted with an imminent threat.

External Antennas

External antennas offer improved communications to ensure reliable and strong connectivity for Inmarsat devices. The antennas are designed to be securely mounted outside on masts, on vehicles, or small aircraft like the streamlined AeroAntenna. They are robust and can tolerate all types of conditions.

Phone Plans

Inmarsat offers prepaid and postpaid plans at different rates and units based on your estimated usage for voice and data and specified location. You have the option to choose between Inmarsat USA / North America plans or a Global subscription suited to those traveling to multiple regions. Postpaid plans have a minimum contract commitment with a monthly allowance while prepaid is flexible for on-demand use.

Category Questions

Prepaid SIM's are shipped inactive and the customer chooses when to activate by submitting a request online. The validity starts from that date. Our sim's are usually active within minutes of the customer request through our online portal. 

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In northern Quebec, the Iridium is a much safer choice.  You will have 66 satellites instead of 1.  Depending on how many minutes you use per month, the Northern Lights plan might be the more economical choice. 


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