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Bell Digital Content

Bell Satellite TV brings top-quality digital viewing into your home. As one of Canada’s leading satellite providers, Bell offers compatible devices through TV satellite dish suppliers, like Canada Satellite, to provide live and on-demand first-class content.

Bell has the Fibe TV app for high definition channels streamed over Wi-Fi using a Bell Internet connection. This gives you access to more programs on Google Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Android TV as well.

Satellite TV and Internet

Using a Bell satellite dish TV antenna and receiver, you can access a variety of user-friendly features for an enriched satellite broadcasting experience.

Satellite TV includes a personal video recorder (PVR) on each TV that allows you to take full control of your viewing while recording up to four different TV shows simultaneously.

With Bell Satellite Internet included you also get unlimited usage and Wi-Fi for the household.

Sign-Up for Bell Satellite

If you haven’t yet registered with Bell TV, first use their online web tool to verify satellite coverage in your area. You can also setup your subscription with Bell directly online. Select the channels and packages best suited to your pocket and entertainment preferences.

For access to the ultimate satellite broadcast, a Bell TV dish must be mounted on the roof or side of the house and the satellite dish cable connects to the TV.

Bell TV Dishes

Canada Satellite offers a range of antennas, satellite TV dish parts and accessories compatible with Bell satellite systems.

Vehicular and Portable

Bell TV satellite dish mobility solutions include the King Quest, King Dome, and Winegard terminals that can be mounted to any vehicle.

  • The King Quest Carry Out Satellite can be used as an outdoor portable antenna or fixed to a vehicle and compatible with Bell and Telus Satellite TV.
  • King Dome In-Motion antenna provides reliable, crystal clear satellite TV reception while your RV is stationary or moving.
  • Winegard Durasat D4 and RoadTrip T4 Automatic In-Motion satellite TV antenna is compatible with multiple providers and finds satellites automatically.
  • KING OmniGo Portable Omnidirectional OTA HDTV Antenna picks up signals from all directions without adjusting the device.
  • The Camping Combo includes a Bell TV dish, tripod and accessories for outdoor use.

Marine Antennas

The Bell TV satellite dish also comes as a compact and portable marine antenna. The Intellian and TracVision dishes are for enterprise connectivity requirements when out at sea. The high-performance devices provide exceptional reception.


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