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What is Bell Satellite TV?
Take a drive through any city neighbourhood and you will see hundreds of compact satellite dishes pinned to every rooftop and building or drive out to the rural areas and you’ll see farms will have a satellite dish or two as well.

Where you’re out of reach from cable TV or you want to access a multitude of high-quality channels, then investing in a Bell Satellite TV package is the best option; a wireless system that brings top end television viewing directly to your house.

Like broadcast television, satellite stations also transmit via a radio signal, but satellite eliminates issues encountered with range and distortion through specialized antennas called satellite dishes.

There are five major components involved when broadcasting from a satellite directly to home:

  1. The program source are the channels the provider pays for to broadcast via satellite
  2. The broadcast station broadcasts the content from various sources.
  3. The satellite in the sky distributes the content obtained from the broadcaster.
  4. The satellite dish at home receives the content (it cannot transmit signals).

The receiver converts, decodes and decompresses the content for viewing.

Bell Satellite TV Dishes
Bell Satellite TV offers fixed satellite dishes for households, as well as RV and portable dishes, and marine antennas that are designed for mobility and manually mounted for communication or installed for automatic stowing.

Buying Satellite TV Dishes
A normal home satellite dish is bowl-shaped with a central receiver and a low noise blockdown converter (LNB) to amplify the satellite signal being received and to filter out unnecessary noise.

Fixed and portable satellite dishes come in varying sizes, which affects the quality of the frequencies received. So, it’s useful to know what you’re buying when choosing a satellite dish that suits your needs. Additionally, always check if the necessary cables, plugs, and mounting equipment are included or need to be purchased separately.

Fixed installations
When it comes to determining the right size dish for an average home, it’s recommended to choose a dish with at least 21 – 23 inches in diameter. Remember that the larger the dish, the better the reception will be especially if multiple LNBs will be included.

Bell Satellite TV offers fixed dishes starting from 13 inches up to 33.5 inches that are high-definition compatible with all Bell HD and PVR receivers.

Low Noise Blockdown Converters (LNBs)
Dishes that operate with multiple LNBs are dual, triple, or quadruple LNB dishes, and depends on factors such as the programs you want, how many feeds are required, and where you live. A single LNB has one feed and doesn’t support viewing different channels on multiple TVs at the same time. Always check if LNBs are included/excluded with a satellite dish package. Bell Satellite TV has a range of quad LNB dishes with a built-in switch for 4 satellite receivers.

Satellite Switches
Satellite switches (or multi-switches) connect satellite TV cables to the physical TV set and blocks interference between signals. Bell Satellite TV offers several built-in and external multi receivers and switches. Apart from finding the right model and suitable accessories, installation is critical to get the best reception and getting the right angle and location of the satellite dish is key.

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