Iridium 9575 Extreme

Iridium 9575 Extreme is a compact and rugged handset with unique functions and features. It has up to 4 hours of talk time and 30 hours standby time so you can rely on this sat phone in any location, and in any situation. It comes with enhanced messaging capabilities, telephony services and key safety features necessary for remote travel.

Network Coverage

Iridium sat phones and networking devices offer reliable voice and data transmission from anywhere in the world. Iridium’s dependable services facilitate constant communication between you and your loved ones or with business-critical operations when you can’t rely on terrestrial networks. Iridium is a world-renowned satellite provider with an established constellation made up of 66 cross-linked Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites.

Key Features

  • Access Iridium’s fully global satellite network, no exceptions.
  • Engineered with Military-grade durability.
  • Rugged with a user-friendly and ergonomic design.
  • Dust-, shock- and water-resistant.
  • Supports Google Mapping Services and online tracking for added safety.
  • Comes with a built-in SOS signal Certified S.E.N.D. by the Search and Rescue Regulating Body (RTCM).
  • GPS-enabled location-based services.
  • Enhanced SMS and email messaging capability.

Iridium 9575 Extreme Chargers

There are a number of Iridium accessories for the Iridium Extreme that allows you to customize and enhance your Iridium satellite experience. Phone and battery chargers are a vital accessory to keep your communications devices powered up in case of difficulties and to ensure you always have access to uninterrupted connectivity.

To ensure your own safety and the safety of those who you are traveling with, having chargers and backups is the only way to be prepared for any situation in a remote location.

AC Charging

The range of Iridium satellite phone chargers are compatible with the Iridium 9505A, 9555, and 9575 Extreme models.

The Iridium satellite phone charger for AC power includes an international plug kit with five adapters that support US, European, UK, Indian and Australian configurations. The plug kit can also be purchased separately if you already own an AC power charger.

Vehicle Charging

The automobile adapter is compatible with the Iridium 9505A, 9555, and 9575 Extreme handsets. This is a convenient accessory for charging up your sat phone while in a car, boat, or from any DC power source. It is a 12 volt charger that offers a 3-hour charge to 90% battery capacity.

USB Charging

The Iridium USB charger is a handy peripheral to connect your Iridium 9575 phone to a laptop, computer, solar charger, or other USB-enable device to get instant power. It is also compatible with the 9575 PTT, 9555, and 9505A Iridium handsets.

Battery Chargers

SatStation offers flexible units to keep your spare batteries on charge. It also provides battery conditioning while using the power facility to ensure a maximum charge each and every time. Simply swap out your phone battery whenever it's flat to ensure your handset never runs low on power. The SatStation Four bay accessory is great for business teams or recreational groups using the Iridium 9575 Extreme or 9575 PTT handsets.

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