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Inmarsat is a leader in global satellite communication and manufactures reliable and purpose-built devices for users to communicate over its network. From sophisticated handheld devices to passive and active antenna cables, Inmarsat’s offering ensures superior connectivity worldwide.

Users and Industries

Inmarsat is the leading provider for mission-critical applications by providing an innovative and dependable range of devices to support communication needs regardless of size or location.

Inmarsat’s products are aimed at the general consumer as well as industries that include Aviation for inflight connectivity, Commercial and Enterprise for sustainable and reliable business operations, Government applications, and Maritime operations.

Inmarsat Isatphone Pro

Inmarsat’s new-generation satellite phone is designed to keep you connected in far-off places. The Isatphone Pro is robust with unparalleled battery life, superior voice quality and reliability that’s guaranteed to never let you down.

The Isatphone Pro’s capabilities and safety functions makes it the perfect traveling companion compatible along with a selection of necessary accessories that will enhance the use of the phone.

Antennas and Cables

Inmarsat has partnered with Beam technologies to bring you a variety of active and passive antennas that can be used in vehicles or at permanent locations in remote areas. It offers on-demand connectivity and global satellite phone services, and the antennas provide flexible installation with different cable kits like the SMA to TNC cables to suit varying configurations.


When going on an extended trip, it is vital to pack in power sources for your Isatphone Pro. If you have multiple spare batteries, the SatStation four-bay charging unit is the perfect way to keep backup power fully charged.

If you are going to a place that provides AC power, the international plug kit is a necessity that allows connecting the handset to a direct source of power. A spare car charger to ensure power is available at all times is a must-have accessory in isolated regions.

Where power is not guaranteed, the SolStar i-10 is a foldable solar charger compatible with the Isatphone Pro and a convenient power backup when traveling.

Docking Stations

Docking stations are highly useful for remote offices, vessels, and vehicle installations. The range includes the Beam IsatDock Pro packed with features and separate privacy handsets, and Beam Active antennas compatible with the IsatDock selection of docking stations.

The IsatDock MARINE has a RJ11/POTS connection with a corded handset while acting as a cradle for the cordless Isatphone Pro. It can interface with a PBX system, and comes with an in-built speakerphone, and internal GPS for tracking and alerts reporting.

The IsatDock LITE is a slim design suitable for any application. It ensures the sat phone is always charged when docked and notifies you when there are incoming calls or messages.

The Beam IsatDock DRIVE is specifically designed for vehicles to allow hands-free operation. It has an in-built echo cancelling and full duplex technologies for clear voice quality. The GPS functions provide tracking and alerts and the option for sending emergency alert messages.

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