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What is Shaw Direct Satellite TV?
Shaw Satellite TV (previously named Star Choice) is a Canadian satellite broadcast distributor that also provides TV services through cable delivery. However, satellite TV is surpassing cable with its high-quality and fast delivery of digital broadcasts bringing countless different channels and programs to your home.

Through Canada Satellite, you can get a Shaw Direct Satellite TV system by getting a dish installed and connecting a receiver. It’s important to understand the ABCs of buying the right satellite dish for your home as it determines the viewing quality.

Satellite TV evades the vulnerabilities that ground-based systems have as they receive signals from satellite broadcasters via the satellites orbiting the Earth. Satellite TV provides access to thousands of TV and radio channels and programs without needing cable or terrestrial TV.

Satellite Dish Components
Basically, a satellite dish is a special antenna designed with a bowl for better signal capture and a central feed horn that controls the requested and received TV programming. Feed horns are specific to satellite providers. Another component of the dish that can be included or excluded is the Low Noise Blocker (LNB) that’s aimed at the dish to gather and distribute received content to the TV’s satellite receiver.

Choosing Shaw Direct Satellite TV
Shaw satellite TV uses different technologies than other providers so while the dish can be used for other provider connections, the Low Noise Blockdown converter and the Feedhorn (LNBF) cannot.

So, to get started with satellite viewing, you’ll need a Shaw Direct satellite dish installed outside the home, a satellite receiver connected to your TV set inside and a subscription to Shaw satellite TV packages.

Shaw Direct Equipment
Your Shaw Direct satellite TV service requires two main pieces of equipment – a satellite dish outside your home, and a satellite receiver inside your home.

Positioned on the end of your satellite dish is a piece called the “LNB”. Depending on the type of LNB, you may be receiving a signal from one, two, or all three satellites.

Since approximately 2012, all LNBs deployed have been the latest “xKu” style, which receives a signal from all three satellites. All customers will require this type of LNB by 2019.

Shaw Direct Satellite Dishes
Canada Satellite offers Shaw Direct dishes, LNBs, multi-switches, cables and mounting equipment to get you connected to premium television viewing.

We also offer several options for Shaw Direct’s two satellite dish models, the 60E and 75E with some including up to four LNBs and feed horns to connect to four receivers.

Shaw Direct has two receiver models, the basic HDSR800, which is HD-ready and the HDPVR830 with added functions to record from a different channel while watching another.  Note that the HDSR800 needs a single coax and the HDPVR830 requires two.

Shaw Direct fixed, portable and RV satellite dishes, and camping combos with dish and tripod are available. Additionally, Shaw partners with Intellian's as a portable satellite device with outstanding signal connection that’s practical and perfect for open sea sailing, like ocean liners, yachts and commercial vessels.

Shaw Direct LNBs
Two specific products are available.Shaw Direct has low noise blockdown converters and feedhorn (LNBF) specific to the Shaw Direct 75E Elliptical dish and a LNBF specific to the Shaw Direct 60E Elliptical dish starting from $99.

The Shaw Direct 5x16 and Shaw Direct 4x8 multi-switches are used to amplify satellite signals and manual selection of LNBs for the satellite receivers to provide independent viewing from other receivers.

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