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Iridium GO! Smartphone Compatible (Android & iOS) Satellite Phone

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The Iridium GO! lets smartphones and tablets connect to Iridium’s network to access data and voice services without having to incur roaming charges. Whether you’re traveling in an isolated region with a group of friends or working in an NGO team, connectivity is critical to stay in touch with your family or your business.

Satellite networks are reliable and secure when you’re out of reach from terrestrial networks so a device that can withstand the toughest conditions while moving on foot, in a vehicle, or sailing across the seas while staying connect is a necessity for any traveling team. The Iridium GO! satellite unit simplifies access to communications from any location on the planet. Up to five Apple and/or Android devices can connect simultaneously for voice and text messaging and data capabilities.

Iridium GO! Data Plans
This device is portable and small enough to fit in your backpack. The Iridium GO! price is also affordable at under $1000, which costs less than a satellite phone. To get your unit online and functional for other devices to connect, an activated SIM card must be inserted using a prepaid plan or choose a postpaid bundle from the Iridium GO! monthly plans.

Prepaid plans are offered for voice and data minutes and SMS bundles starting from 400 up to 6000 minutes. Data usage is charged in units (per minute).

For a recurring fee, these subscriptions are renewed every month based on the package selected. Unlimited bundles are also available for the Iridium GO!

Iridium GO! Features
Connect your team’s devices to the Iridium GO! portable unit from within a 100-foot radius. Built for durability, this device is military grade with an ingress protection rating of IP65. Because you can operate it from anywhere in the world, it is dust proof, and water and shock resistant with fast and stable connectivity.

When the Iridium GO! App is installed on the connected smart devices, you can make voice calls, use the quick GPS or check-in message, or activate the emergency services, which include GPS tracking and SOS alerts. And, the Iridium mail and web app lets connected users access email and web browsing.

The line of accessories available provide purposeful and extended use of the Iridium GO! such as external antennas, wall mounted brackets, power cables, and bags.

Prepare For Your First Iridium GO! Trip
Before setting off on your exotic trip with your Iridium GO! packed in, you need to ensure it’s powered up and ready for immediate use, the moment you need it. After activating your SIM, insert it into the unit and add the battery and plug it in to fully charge. You’ll need to download the Iridium GO! app on your Apple or Android device that will connect to the GO! unit.

When you ready to connect, flip the antenna up and enable the smart devices Wi-Fi to connect to the Iridium GO! using the specified username and password.

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Length- 81.7 mm (3.22”), width- 119.81 mm (4.69”), depth- 33.44 mm (1.32”), Weight (approximate)- 300g (w/battery) / 225g (w/out battery).

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Iridium data communications are optimal for text-oriented and light graphical content using Iridiumoptimized applications that can accelerate data speeds up to 15x using compression. Standard broadband applications will not operate with Iridium GO!. Standard data speed without data compression and optimization is 2400bps.

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