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Enterprise information systems and business functions that once were relatively constant are becoming more agile as organisations turn to more dynamic, digitally-powered, cloud-enabled applications to accelerate their IT delivery.

OneWeb’s connectivity will enable this digitalization process within the Enterprise sector, streamlining ISP solutions with low latency, secure fiber-like connectivity everywhere that offers a competitive advantage, more intelligent interactions, a more skilled and connected future workforce, and operational capability across a wider geographical region.

The OneWeb satellite constellation currently operates 648 active satellites on the Ku- and Ka-band frequency. The sophisticated network uses a technology called Progressive Pitch that gradually tilts the satellites as they approach the equator. This prevents interference with other Ku-band GEO satellites above and by using trailing beams that create a line-of-sight path from customers to the satellite, the network guarantees 100% coverage over the equator and global coverage.

OneWeb’s solutions serve multiple market segments from corporate to small enterprise, consumer residential, aviation, IoT, government response, and mission critical connectivity across all industries. With boundless low latency, broadband access will be available for homes, connected cars, trains, planes and backhaul applications for macro cell satellite and integrated small cells.

Fast, new connectivity you can manage, flex and scale
OneWeb's revolutionary satellite connectivity with low-latency, coupled with service level agreements (SLAs) and committed information rates (CIRs), is transforming carrier and enterprise operations. Cutting-edge solutions enable swift access to data for real-time analytics, cloud connectivity, IoT applications, and informed decision-making. Space-based connectivity solutions unlock new opportunities for cellular backhaul and offer unparalleled access to critical information.

Space-based connectivity made easy
OneWeb has developed flexible, scalable, reliable service plans for carrier and enterprise Distribution Partners around the world. We enhance their existing product portfolios with new communications solutions that will transform business and community broadband operations. We enable faster, larger data-led communications that drive performance, improve levels of employee welfare, enhance supply chain efficiency and help meet sustainability, and compliance requirements. OneWeb’s cloud-based digital products, services, and APIs support the seamless integration of LEO connectivity with existing operations and business support systems. Our range of user terminals is built for harsh, new environments, designed for community-sized connectivity.

Enterprise expansion
Customers can rapidly scale LEO connectivity into new locations to deliver high levels of network speed, capacity, availability, and performance. This will allow customers to meet business requirements, unlock new use cases, and deliver digital transformation right across their organization.

OneWeb Satellite Internet 

OneWeb’s constellation of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites will increase service offerings to ensure its customers can access quality satellite internet globally. Applications will include enterprise and government networking, cellular backhaul, and community Wi-Fi hotspots.

With strong technology partnerships, OneWeb will support the rapid deployment of its satellites and up to 50 ground systems that will integrate with affordable user terminals that don’t require position aiming. OneWeb’s market entry objectives aim to increase global internet access and offer seamless mobility over obstructed terrains.


OneWeb Terminals

With its deployment of low earth orbit satellites, OneWeb delivers a network of global gateway stations and a range of OneWeb user terminals to provide an affordable, fast, high-bandwidth and low-latency communications service for businesses and governments around the world. The OneWeb constellation provides networking solutions that can be tailored to any need, at any level and location with a full spectrum of customizable broadband channels.

The satellites connect to the OneWeb user terminals and convert the satellite signal into spec-compliant 3G, LTE or Wi-Fi signals that can be tapped by devices ranging from smartphones, laptops, and routers to small cells and Wi-Fi access points.


OneWeb User Terminal     

The compact OneWeb user terminal is designed with optional Wi-Fi, LTE and 3G integration to enable mass market connectivity for multiple users needing enterprise applications in fixed locations. Enterprise information systems and business functions that used to be relatively constant are fast becoming more agile as organizations turn to more dynamic, digitally-powered, cloud-enabled applications to accelerate their IT delivery.

Access satellite internet with OneWeb’s small but high-performance user terminal that offers up to 50Mbps throughput. Suitable for Business-to-Business and Business-to-Market communications, on and off-shore telecommunications for maritime, government applications, and reliable connectivity for the oil and gas industry.


OneWeb User Terminal for Trucks and Trains

The flat panel user terminal is OneWeb’s Active Electronically Scanned Antenna (AESA) designed for ultimate mobility while accessing global connectivity and networking solutions. The aerodynamically engineered antenna is ideal for use on vehicles and trains to provide superior communications in disaster situations regardless of geography and an always-on connection for those in-motion, including first responders and emergency services.


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