Satellite IoT

What is IoT via Satellite?
The Internet of Things (IoT) is a modern concept that refers to connecting all things to the internet. IoT M2M is the latest industry buzz connecting the Internet of Things and implementing machine-to-machine (M2M) networks.

As we know, an internet connection can open a vast world of information that’s never been so readily available as it is today. However, access to all this means being able to connect to the Internet and if you’re in a remote location with no or limited cell phone coverage, then this will prove somewhat impossible.

That’s why Canada Satellite offers its range of satellite IoT devices for those in remote locations with limited or no cellular connectivity to create a truly integrated IoT solution via satellite.

Who Needs It?
Industries such as agriculture, oil and gas, small vessel tracking, transportation, retail and so forth, all need continuous access to an IoT service. Satellite IoT devices facilitate this access to provide reliable and business-critical communication. Canada Satellite can help you with satellite IoT solutions to overcome connectivity issues related to minimal cell coverage.

IoT Satellite Benefits

Smart farming is estimated to help farmers increase production with the use of IoT, drones and AI. IoT via satellite can address rural issues with production and storage solutions, enable efficient global supply chains, monitor livestock, crops and soil health, as well as use the technology for security and safety in isolated rural areas.

Oil and Gas
Managing the logistics of a remote operation can be costly and assets and ensuring that the right equipment arrives at the right time is problematic and costly. Having an IoT system via satellite can help manage visibility of assets, utilization and productivity.  IoT satellite devices can optimize planning and recuperate cost of operations by collecting data on all areas of the business for analysis and strategy improvement.

Small Vessel Tracking
Canada Satellite offers a dependable pole-to-pole tracking and monitoring solution to manage your fleet of vessels out at sea. Not only does IoT via satellite ensure better crew safety but your valuable assets are protected as well. IoT solutions give you complete visibility and control to effectively manage your business.

IoT Satellite Devices
Canada Satellite stocks everything your business needs to build your IoT infrastructure, including satellite terminals, trackers, and transceivers. Iridium’s AssetPack-3 (AP3) is a cost-effective global satellite tracking and monitoring device. The unit connects to the Iridium satellite network whether ground-based, in the air or at sea and provides real-time two-way communication. Another IoT device for remote monitoring is the Iridium Edge for easy deployment and management that provides global IoT coverage.

IoT satellite transceivers provide powerful integrated capabilities for IoT M2M solutions. The device interface integrates with the multi-pin interface and antenna connector for remote tracking and monitoring of business assets anywhere in the world.

IoT devices in remote locations with limited or no cellular connectivity (such as rural, remote or mountainous areas) can be difficult to manage. Whether working with a few IoT devices or tracking thousands of them, Canada Satellite can provide connectivity solutions specifically designed to your needs. With Satellite IoT we can address any IoT connectivity or management challenge deriving from poor cellular coverage conditions.

Whether you are in utilities, banking, retail, oil and gas, environment monitoring or farming, having continuous access to an Internet of Things service is essential.

But sometimes, business takes you to remote, rural or mountainous locations where fixed line or cellular access is limited or absent. Satellite IoT can help connect these areas and also provide reliable back-up for business critical uses.

It doesn’t matter how many IoT devices your business requires or where they are, our satellite IoT connectivity solutions can help you solve any connectivity or device management challenge related to cellular coverage conditions.

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