Iridium 9575 Extreme Solar Chargers

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It is not always a guarantee that you will be able to access electrical power when travelling to remote areas. However, using a solar panel charger is one way to ensure you are not stranded without power that will keep your sat phone charged up while on the go.

Portable solar power chargers are easy to travel with and are highly effective for accessing power. They are affordable and lightweight and recommended as a mandatory accessory when traveling with a satellite device.

How Solar Chargers Work

Iridium Extreme satellite phones work seamlessly with solar chargers. Foldable solar panels are simple to set up and when deployed under the sun’s rays, it converts the energy to electricity. Most solar chargers are compatible with any device that has a USB connection.

The solar charger power output is relative to how much direct sunlight is available and they generally work well providing optimal charging times for lasting power.

Range of Iridium Solar Chargers

Different Iridium Extreme chargers are compatible with the Extreme handset to provide a charge up when you cannot access AC or DC power and enables harnessing power from the sun.

SolarBoost X Solar Charger

The SatStation Solarboost X Solar Charger is designed with a 20000mAh High Capacity Li-polymer battery. This charger has 4 foldable, high-efficiency solar panels with a 1A input current under sunlight. It comes with a micro USB cable and the dual 2.1A USB ports allow charging of 2 devices simultaneously.

The SolarBoost X is designed as a rugged accessory to withstand shock vibrations, as well as being water- and dustproof. It also has an in-built LED flashlight that has an SOS mode for any outdoor emergency.

Goal Zero NOMAD 14 PLUS Solar Panel

The Iridium Extreme sat phone can be charged using Goal Zero’s Nomad 14 Plus solar panel. It is a 14-watt panel (18-22V) and has a detachable kickstand that helps positioning the unit at any angle. It has an auto-restart and built-in intelligence to optimize output that matches the device for the best charge.

It also comes with an LED indicator that will conveniently display the strength of solar conditions enabling you to find the best position.

PowerTraveller Clamshell Solar Panel Extreme Solar

This rugged, waterproof solar contains a 12,000mAh lithium battery offering a good dose of power when you need it the most. It has a 12V DC output to charge larger devices and a 5V 2A USB output for smaller devices such as smartphones and sat phones. The solar charger has a bi-directional USB-C socket so you can charge the latest device models as well.

These charging options make the PowerTraveller Clamshell a leader in portable solar power technology. It can extend up to 210 degrees and works in low-light conditions, so it can still function when clouds pass. The casing is built for traveling across any environment and is an easy fit into any backpack. It weighs a mere 274g and when extended it is 136mm x 78mm x 22mm.

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