Globalstar has recently increased their prices to where service costs a minimum of $1140 per year or $95 per month.  As an alternative, we can offer a brand new Iridium 9555 satellite phone for $1249.  

For seasonal users, Iridium offers a 6 month Canada / Alaska plan for $345.  That means you will save $795 in the first year alone, which means that you will be able to pay off the new Iridium phone in approximately 1.5 years, and then enjoy seasonal service for only $345 per 6 months.  

For annual users, Iridium offers 12 months global service for just $749.97 per year.  That means that you will save $345 in the first year alone, which means you will be able to pay off the new iridium phone in approximately 3.6 years, and then enjoy annual, truly global, reliable service for only $749.97 per year.

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Globalstar is a US-based satellite communications company with low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite constellation to enable connectivity for satellite phone and low-speed data communications. Globalstar’s second-generation constellation consists of 24 low Earth LEO satellites.


The range of products, services, and accessories such as the Globalstar GSP 1700 battery offers round the clock connectivity for quality communications on a global scale. The Globalstar sat phone was designed with the flexibility to meet the needs of customers who travel to areas with no cellular or radio coverage.


Satellite Services

Globalstar offers a suite of solutions tailored to meet the needs across multiple industries, be it maritime, military, recreational, commercial, or agriculture.


Globalstar Products

Globalstar GSP 1700 accessories are available for the GSP-1700 satellite handset that offers CDMA crystal-clear digital voice quality, fast data speeds at 9.6 Kbps, position location services, an any key answer capability, configurable ringtones, and memory capacity to retain a call history and up to the 99 contacts.



Protective Cases

  • The GlobalStar GSP 1700 Nylon Carry Case with a quick release swivel clip to easily attach and detach the handset from a belt. The plastic face offers transparency to use the device without removing the protective cover.

  • The GlobalStar GSP-1700 Nylon Pouch is a smartly branded option to carry your phone securely and keep it protected while not in use.


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