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Interac Email Money Transfer – just like sending cash, only now it’s done electronically.
Email Money Transfer (E.M.T.)
Interac Email Money Transfers are a simple, convenient, and secure way to send and receive money directly from one bank account to another. All you need is access to online banking through a participating financial institution, and you can send money to anyone with an email address and a bank account in Canada — without sharing any personal or financial information. It's a great alternative to cheques and cash.

Choose 'Wire Transfer' option during check-out.

To send money, you must have access to online banking with a participating financial institution.
- Locate Interac Email Money Transfer, usually found in the Transfers / Payments menu.
Fill in the Interac Email Money Transfer information:
- Recipient's email address - use [email protected]
- Payment amount - order total
- Account from which to withdraw funds
- Security question - please make answer cansat (lower case)
- Message - record invoice number here
- Confirm and Send
You will receive an email confirmation and receipt by email once the transfer is completed.
The benefits of Interac Email Money Transfer:
Send and receive money directly from and to your existing bank account
The money can be accessed immediately after the transfer is accepted
There's no need to share personal or financial information, allowing you to keep your address, phone number and account information private
The security question protects your transfer from being deposited by unintended recipients
No need to set up new accounts, user ID or passwords — you're already in online banking
Email carries the notification, so no need to get stamps or to find a mailbox
Participating Financial Institutions
BMO Bank of Montreal
RBC Royal Bank of Canada
TD Canada Trust
Prospera Credit Union

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