Intellian s Series Directv Satellite TV Systems

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For the Ultimate DirecTV HD Experience
The s-Series marine satellite TV systems enable simultaneous reception from all three DirecTV satellites providing HDTV reception and DVR compatibility for a truly "just like home" experience. Additionally, everyone aboard the vessel can watch different channels on multiple receivers at the same time.

Intellian WorldView Trio LNB
In addition to offering reception of DirecTV’s HD service when operating in the US, The s80HD WorldView also enables global reception of Ku-band Satellites without changing LNBs, making it a single antenna to watch it all.

Simple & Easy Installation
The advanced Wi-Fi enabled ACU, featuring a preprogrammed global satellite library and a dedicated iOS Mobile App requires minimal setup, so you can begin enjoying TV programs aboard your vessel in no time.

Tracking three satellites simultaneously is a precision game. Intellian’s Automatic Skew Control feature ensures a constant signal lock on all three satellites in even the worst weather conditions.

Single Wire Multiswitch
Using a simple connection to the antenna, a Single Wire Multi-Switch (SWM) signal distribution system enables every TV onboard to watch a different channel at the same time.

Built-in GPS
All Intellian s-Series antennas include a built-in GPS for faster initial signal acquisition.

User-friendly Operation
The Antenna Control Unit (ACU), combined with dedicated Web, PC and Mobile Apps makes operation straightforward. System updates can be made wirelessly with the click of a button, ensuring your antenna is always delivering peak performance.

Available Matching Domes
Both the s6HD and s80HD WorldView can be paired with matching domes for onboard aesthetics or to equip your vessel with communications for the complete Intellian solution.

Three Year Global Warranty
Industry leading 3-year parts and workmanship guarantee with a 1-year labor warranty for all antenna systems, ensuring peace of mind with your hardware investment.

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