Inmarsat Satellite Phone & Internet Plans

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Inmarsat Satellite Service Plans

Inmarsat is a leading global satellite operator and provides robust satellite devices that use smart technologies for extensive voice and data capabilities over the Inmarsat satellite network. And, Inmarsat prepaid plans and postpaid options are available for satellite phones and terminals to access this network.

Connect with Inmarsat

Providing global coverage (excluding the Poles), Inmarsat services offer increased satellite connectivity. The Inmarsat satellite phone plans and terminal connections have varied service plans for different Inmarsat devices.

Choosing a Service Plan

Inmarsat offers three service plan categories for the IsatPhone, BGAN, and the Fleet range of devices. Each category offers several Inmarsat service plans for voice and data. The IsatPhone includes plans compatible with Inmarsat’s satellite phones, the Fleet range provides connection services for Fleet devices used on vessels, and Inmarsat BGAN service plans are available for different BGAN connections.

IsatPhone Plans

The IsatPhone plans are compatible with the Inmarsat IsatHub SIM Card and offer an assortment of options for different usage needs. The Inmarsat prepaid plans include on-demand online top up for the SIM or choose from the prepaid bundles that start from 25MB up to 1000MB. Validity periods differ between data bundles. Inmarsat phone plans also offer postpaid options allowing you to pay at the end of the month based on your data usage.

BGAN Service Plans

Inmarsat’s BGAN terminals connect multiple devices that can access Internet and voice services via satellite. The BGAN SIM Cards are compatible with most Inmarsat BGAN satellite terminals. Some BGAN service plans include:

  • Inmarsat BGAN SIM Card can be used with any BGAN prepaid service.
  • Inmarsat BGAN Postpaid FLEX offers monthly subscriptions based on expected data usage.
  • The BGAN SCAP Entry Plan provides 20 or 50 SIMs for small to large team and the Super Plan offers connections up to 100 or 250 users.

Inmarsat BGAN M2M

BGAN M2M is a global, two-way IP data service for remote monitoring of fixed and mobile assets. The BGAN data plan offers 2MB, 5MB, 10MB, 20MB and 50MB over a 12, 24 or 36-monthly subscription. A minimal activation fee is applicable to enable the SIM Card.

Inmarsat BGAN Link

For high usage requirements, choose one of the monthly gigabyte plans for the BGAN Link broadband service.

Fleet Service Plans

The Fleet range has service plans for the FleetPhone satellite handset and Fleet satellite terminals.


Manufactured by Beam Communications, the FleetPhone comes in two models, the Oceana 400 and Oceana 800 for both voice and data communications services when out at sea. The Inmarsat FleetPhone SIM and Fleet One Coastal SIM are compatible with the Fleetphones and FleetBroadband plans.


Inmarsat’s maritime satellite capabilities, antennas, and price plans fit any communication needs for large fleets or small leisure vessels. The Inmarsat FleetBroadband SIM is compatible with the Fleetphone models and FleetBroadband plans.

Fleet One

Fleet One is designed for low data usage needs and occasional or seasonal use via satellite. The Fleet One Coastal plans and compact antenna, and Fleet One Global terminals are compatible with the Inmarsat Fleet One Coastal and Fleet One Global SIM Cards.

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