Iridium Satellite Phone Airtime Plans

Iridium Satellite Phone Airtime Plans

Iridium offers various airtime options, depending on your needs. On average it costs about C$50 per month to keep an Iridium phone active on a prepaid plan, while postpaid plans prices are about 20% more. 

Convenient prepaid plans that work everywhere on the planet, without long-term contracts or billing hassles. Global and discounted regional options available. Iridium prepaid plans are typically more economical than postpaid subscriptions.

Iridium postpaid plans offer the convenience of IridiumÂ’s reliable, everywhere voice and data communications without the need to be concerned about a prepaid account expiring or having a low balance.

Iridium Coverage Map

Iridium Global Coverage Map

Iridium offers standard and emergency postpaid subscriptions as well as global and regional discounted prepaid SIM cards.

Please Note: All Iridium Airtime is based in USD and airtime price may vary with exchange rate fluctuations.

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