Cobham Explorer 9092M Satcom-On-The-Move Ku-band VSAT Antenna

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Cobham Explorer 9092M Satcom-On-The-Move Ku-band VSAT Antenna
Intuitive and flexible Satcom-On-The-Move Ku-band antenna for use on almost any vehicle and road, even at high speed. Choose EXPLORER 9092M for high-performance, in-transit VSAT connectivity.

Communication on-the-move
EXPLORER 9092M provides crucial on-the-move connectivity for a diverse user base including Defence, Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Emergency Response, Media, Telemedicine, Insurance, Remote Office, Energy and Mining.

Regardless of the application, EXPLORER 9092M offers continuity of operations with remote videoconferencing and Internet cloud services including voice, radio, data, fax and live streaming/broadcast.

Supporting critical communications
The high-performance EXPLORER 9092M communications terminal gives users the freedom and flexibility to establish and maintain essential contact wherever they are, while on the move.

Satcom-On-The-Move keeps key players in touch when travelling and even transforms command vehicles into mobile hotspots to provide connectivity to other convoyed units.

Precision auto-deploy
The Cobham Antenna Controller combines unmatched antenna pointing accuracy with industry standard one-touch control that makes EXPLORER 9092M widely regarded as a reliable, easy to configure and operate vehicular terminal.

EXPLORER 9092M uses GPS, step tracking and sensors to achieve a pointing error of less than 0.2?. Built-in RF Tuner, Compass, GPS and GLONASS and inclined orbit satellite tracking ensure reliable connectivity even when driving on rough, unimproved roads.

Web interface
You can easily configure and remotely monitor EXPLORER 9092M's satellite auto-acquisition via the user-friendly, graphical user interface (GUI) on a standard web browser - no need for a separate display.

Straightforward monitoring with EXPLORER 9092M's TracLRI Live Remote Interface means you can check satellite performance easily - by PC, tablet or smartphone - ensuring your ability to stay connected.

Mitigate external influences
EXPLORER 9092M features patent-pending Adjacent Satellite Interference (ASI) protection features, which cease emissions on detecting an off-satellite condition for improved safety and security.

EXPLORER 9092M's Automatic Transmit-Inhibit safety feature ceases all emissions within 100ms or if the modem loses lock until a pointing error over 0.5? is reduced to less than 0.2?.

Adjust power density
The patent-pending TracPSD? Power Spectral Density (PSD) solution automatically adjusts transmitted power by measuring input power against the antenna's capacity, for safer deployment and peace of mind.

The system queries the modem and BUC for acceptable operating parameters before automatically adjusting off-axis EIRP density should these be exceeded. This ensures the system is never overloaded and only runs in optimum conditions.

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