Cobham EXPLORER 5075GX 0.75 Meter Auto-Deploy Fly-Away Antenna System (407166A-00500)


Delivering a lightweight, yet rugged and portable solution, configured specifically for operation on the Inmarsat Global Xpress (GX) network.

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Cobham EXPLORER 5075GX Auto-Deploy Fly-Away Antenna System
EXPLORER 5075GX is a rugged and portable auto-acquire Fly-Away system configured specifically for operation on the Inmarsat Global Xpress (GX) network. The terminal is configured for commercial band operations and includes a fully integrated iDirect Core Module. The user friendly design allows operators with little satellite experience to access GX services within minutes.

Field Communication
EXPLORER 5075GX provides crucial connectivity for a diverse user base including Defense, Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Emergency Response, Media, Telemedicine, Insurance, Remote office, Energy and Mining. Regardless of the application, EXPLORER 5075GX offers continuity of operations with remote videoconferencing and Internet cloud services including voice, radio, data, fax and live streaming/broadcast The EXPLORER 5075GX has an embedded WLAN Access Point and four LAN interfaces. The LCD display and a one-click auto-acquire enables the user to access the satellite network within minutes.

Rugged yet lightweight
The EXPLORER 5075GX weighs around 29 kg and comes in two rugged hard cases for Fly Away. Each case is airline checkable and easy to carry along. The antenna is built from a firm carbon fiber composite, which gives high performance, yet is highly portable. EXPLORER 5075GX's 4-piece reflector and base unit materials are a precise blend of lightweight design with strength and durability.

EXPLORER VSAT Series Portfolio
Cobham SATCOM Land offers a diverse array of turn-key satellite terminals that fulfill critical communications needs and reduce system configuration requirements for end-users. The solutions we provide offer a wide variety of data rates in multiple frequency bands including Ku-, and Ka-bands. VSAT systems are available as manual, or Auto-Acquire configurations, and are organized in Drive-Away and Fly-Away. When traditional communication technologies are unavailable or fail, our EXPLORER VSAT terminals provide high quality VoIP, RoIP, FAX, data, and multimedia communications that work efficiently across satellite links.

EXPLORER GX Series for Inmarsat Global Xpress Portfolio
Cobham SATCOM is an official launch partner for new Inmarsat Global Xpress? Ka-band network. Regardless of the application, our suite of EXPLORER GX terminals will provide the reliability and functionality required to fast and effectively connect users to the Global Xpress network. Each EXPLORER GX terminal incorporates a user friendly design which allows operators with little satellite experience to access GX services within minutes. They include an integrated iDirect Core Module and embedded web server for control, management and configuration.

More Information
PART #407166A-00500
ANTENNA SIZE75 cm (29.5 inch)
WEIGHT28,6 kg (63 lb)
OPERATING TEMPERATURE-25°C to 55°C (-13°F to 131°F)
SURVIVAL TEMPERATURE-40° to 80°C (-40° to 176°F)

• Commercial Ka Band feed chainwith 5W BUC
• Easy to set up and use
• 4-Piece 0.75 m Axis Symmetrical Carbon Fiber Reflector
• IPX5-compliant
• WLAN Access Point and LAN interface
• LCD Display and Web-Based User Interface
• 2 Case Solution, Airline Checkable
• Modular design - switch feed assembly and modem to access EutelSat KA-SAT

System includes:
- IP65-Rated Base Unit (Houses iDirect Core Module, Power Supply, GPS, Configuration / Pointing Hardware, User Interfaces)
- Ka Band Feed
- Commercial 5W Ka Band BUC
- 4 piece Carbon Fiber Reflector
- 2 Pelican Storm Cases

Inmarsat Global Xpress Coverage Map

This map depicts Inmarsat’s expected coverage following the commercial introduction of Inmarsat-5 F4 (I-5 F4).  The position of I-5 F4 shown in this map is indicative only. This map does not represent a guarantee of service. Global Xpress coverage January 2017.

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