Shaw Direct - Introducing new hardware models

This summer, we are pleased to introduce to you our new 8XX series receivers, which we are expecting to launch at the end of June. The new receivers offer some exciting features at competitive rates, see details below.

8XX features summary


  • WiFi capable
  • PPV ordering via remote control


  • Massive 1 TB (1000 GB) hard drive, for over 300 hours of HD recording capacity
  • Built-in WiFi, for wireless connectivity to your home network
  • Instant PPV ordering, via the internet connection
  • UHF remote control (URC600) with built-in antenna
  • The same powerful HD Guide as the HDPVR 630


Cash & Carry hardware cost

The regular rates of the new receivers are as follows:

  • HDDSR800: $149.99
  • HDPVR830: $299.99