Resetting an Iridium Satellite Phone

So there are a couple of steps I’d like you to run through for resetting the phone:

First, a resetting to default.

Menu-> Setup-> Scroll all the way do to “Reset to defaults”, and confirm.

Next, reset the phonebook by entering the following code on the main screen: *#323# (The phone should reboot and come back to the main screen).

Please also clear out any stored Test messages by:
Menu -> Messages -> Inbox -> Options -> Delete All

And do the same for

Menu -> Messages -> Outbox -> Options -> Delete All


Menu -> Messages -> Drafts -> Options -> Delete All

Lastly, there is an important “Service center” number that needs to read the proper digits.

Menu -> Messages -> Settings -> Service Center

This number should Read +881662900005 or 00881662900005. Make sure to press “OK” to leave this screen, and not clear.

Once you’ve completed these steps shut down the phone, fully remove the battery and give the phone about 30 seconds.

One of the tips we try and share is to turn the phone on where you are going to use it. Turning the phone on inside can cause it to reduce its network searching and go into a type of power saving. Turning it on outside in clear view of the sky can avoid that.